Saturday, June 28, 2008

To Picnic or Not to Picnic

Last Friday we decided it would be fun to take the girls up the canyon for a picnic and walk around a little bit. We kept it very simple (which for me is very difficult), Hot dogs, chips and marshmallows. While we were headed up the canyon, Lainey started complaining of a head ache. I thought she was just pretending, because Lilly had had one the day before. We got up there and walked around for a few minutes, and Lainey peppered us with her usual questions, we found a picnic spot and started unloading the car. Lainey climbed up to the picnic table and laid her head down, and just sat there. When we asked her what was wrong she would say "I don't know". I went over and felt her head and she was burning up with a fever. We decided to roast the dogs quickly and head back down. Lainey sat there very placidly, until mommy got out the marshmallows. She then felt a little better. We were able to take a few pictures before heading home. We were kinda bummed but intend to try again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Moment for Lance

I'm feeling a little guilty that Lance's birthday and Fathers Day have passed without us mentioning our wonderful husband and dad!
Lance in India

I couldn't ask for a more perfect help mate. We seem to balance each other in every way. We were told when we got married to "Be ye equally yoked". Lance has taken this very seriously. He doesn't expect me to do anything he won't. He changes dirty diapers, and usually the puke. He gets up at night and comforts our children, and when he they won't calm down he will sing to them. He tells me he loves me all the time, and never leaves without kissing me and the girls. He gets up early in the morning to go in early so that he can come home earlier. He does this because I used to complain. He likes to be involved in everything the girls do. He will even do their hair when I'm not here.

He loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and still has all his figures from his childhood. Even though his wife keeps trying to get him to sell them. He recently has been trying to watch all the Star Trek movies, but can't seem to do it. Sometimes he has to travel all over the world, but he always makes sure he can get one phone call a day in while the girls are still awake, even if that means staying up very late where he is.
Lance in England

I could go on and on, but then you will just be sick from sappiness. We love this man so very much and just wanted to take a moment and spotlight him. I know he will be embarassed and maybe a little irritatedly pleased.

Love your Girls

Friday, June 13, 2008

Still alive...

I was going to take the girls to the park to play (which was the regular Friday playgroup thing), but I got a call from Katie's mom about a carnival at Wheelers farm so we went there instead. The girls had fun and dad felt super uncomfortable being there with just Melissa Combs. Nothing personal, just one of those things.... Once Katie's dad (Dan) got there it was all good. :-)

The first thing we had to do before anything else was go talk with Cinderella. I'll even give her a plug:

On to the fun stuff....

Next we went to a magic show, the pictures didn't really turn out. The lighting in the barn wasn't the best. Lainey was mesmerized by his tricks. We especially liked when he poured milk down a boys shirt, but his shirt didn't get wet.

After the magic act the girls all got their faces painted. I was impressed by Lilly; she sat perfectly still. She was so excited.

I tried to get Katie to join us to get a picture of all three of them, but she was too busy running around playing. Lainey and Lilly both really wanted Butterflies. Katie got a tiger face.

Couldn't leave with out a train ride. Lilly insisted on going by herself much to Dad's dismay, I wanted to ride too... Just as the train started she started crying so I was able to jump in quickly and go for a ride after all - whooohooo!!!
The girls played some more on the slides and the last thing was the My Gym exhibit. My poor girl who has no bum to hold up those pants, should have put a belt on her dad!!! Yes I did do the hair myself, but if you look closely.......
Lets not forgot Sharon, Katie's little sister (who you can see in the picture above too). She had fun playing with kids shoes. :-)

Just Lilly and Daddy

For those of you that don't know. Cari is at girls camp this week. She is the Young Women camp director and although 7 months pregnant it wouldn't keep her from camp. Many people in the ward kept telling me that I shouldn't let her go. My response is and always has been "It is in the best interest of my marriage to let her go. :-)" I wouldn't dare tell her she couldn't go, someone else would have to. Camping is in her blood. I just hope "Camping Cari" doesn't get too crazy up there. :-)

Wednesday (when Cari left) was also Lainey's cousin Keatley's birthday. Lainey slept over at Keatley's house so it was just Lilly and I. We cleaned the house up a bit and I just wanted to show everyone these pictures of how helpful she was. She was having a great time. She actually did a good job too.

We actually ran to the store Wednesday night to buy something that mom forgot at camp. On the way in Lilly said something about the car. I asked "What, you want to drive the car?" and she replied "No! I too little" with a confident smile. One of those precious moments you don't want to forget. :-) It was so much fun just the two of us.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The things they say!

We were just sitting down to dinner last night when Lainey says to me
"Mom, Thanks for not making anything yucky for dinner tonight. I didn't want to eat anything yucky!" Thank goodness potato soup isn't yucky!