Friday, January 23, 2009

So Cute

Lilly: "Mommy my pants have pockets on them."
Me: "Yes they do."
Lilly: "I got them at the store"
Me: "Oh really how muck did they cost?"
Lilly "Four dollars!"

She is so cute! I think I might just forgive her for breaking the TV. LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pigs of Shame

(Sorry the pics aren't very good)
We had our annual Uno Tournament with my (Cari's) family. The trophies are the Pigs of Fame and the Pigs of Shame. Both sets have been at our house for the last couple of years, as I have won the Pigs of Fame both years and Lance has won the Pigs of Shame for the last 2 years. This year my winning streak ended to my sister Rachel. I was in first place until I moved spots and that is why I lost. Lance however continued his streak of being the first one out and won the Pigs of Shame for the third year in a row. Both sets of pigs are salt and pepper shakers. The Pigs of Fame being purchased years ago by my father or a white elephant gift, I don't think anyone really remembers. The pigs of Shame also purchased by my father specifically for my mom, (who kindly suggested we use them as trophies as well). We had a wonderful time at Nate and Jana's with lots of yummy food. Happy New Years to all!!


Us playing, doesn't that look exciting!!