Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craft it Forward

My friend Heather is doing this and I thought it would be fun. So here it it...

It's based on the movie "Pay It Forward". I will send a handmade gift to the first 5, that's right, only the first FIVE people who leave a comment on this post! All of the gifts will be made and delivered sometime within the next year. What you need to do in return is craft it forward yourself by posting this on your blog (or Facebook), and promising to make something for 5 other people within the next year. It doesn't need to be anything elaborate - even something as simple as a plate of cookies will suffice!

Now that you know how it works, if you'd like to participate please leave a comment below. I will will even let you choose your item from the following list:
Hooded Bath Towel
Earrings and a Bracelet
Hair Bow
Hair Flower
Receiving Blanket
A home made treat by Me :0)

So leave your comment and craft if forward.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It seems every year around Christmas time I decide that I need to make someone a quilt. I never intended it to become a yearly thing but I really enjoy it. It got a little better this year when my mom let me borrow her fancy quilting frames. She told me I could just keep them at my house because I quilt more than she does. They sure make things easier. This quilt was put up for an activity day service project. We didn't get it done so I started working on it. Lainey and Lilly kept begging to try. So I showed Lainey what to do and to my utter amazement she picked it up immediately. Lilly cannot be left out and had to give it a try as well. Lilly didn't do quite as well but what can you expect she is 3. I think this will become something I will treasure and love to do with my girls in years to come. I am excited I have some material left over and will be making 1-2 more quilts this year.

P.S. This picture cracks me up so I thought I would throw it in there. Yes this is Gordie

Monday, November 30, 2009

So Long!!!

Hello All followers of our blog, (if we have any left),
Sorry we have been absent from our blog for a while.
We are still here and breathing. We have been so busy lately and I was wanting to do some posts but it seems a little silly to post about Halloween now.
We had a friend visiting from India for about 3 weeks so we were able to go and do some fun things as a family with him. It was a lot of fun to have him and we were sad to have him leave. Here are a few pictures of the things we did while he was here.

Okay just kidding these are of Lance and Kumaravel in Moab by themselves.

Just Kidding again here are the pictures...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Father & Son's camp

We just had our first Father & Son's camp out last night. The little guy did great. I think he was the youngest one there.

I'm excited for many more. I was bummed I have not done anything like this with the girls yet. At least we are going camping with the family next week so they can enjoy camping again too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Cari!!!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful women, friend and mother.

You are not just a lady that buys our clothes and mends our clothes.
You are not just a full time cook who makes sure your family is fed.
You are more then a police officer and judge for fights each and every day.
You are not just an amateur nurse who tends to all our wounds and needs.
You are not just a taxi driver for everywhere we need to be.

You are much more then that...

You teach us how to love and guide us to be better.
You show us how to delight in chubby little baby legs.
You show us how a simple treat can brighten someone's day.
Your hugs fill our souls with the warmth only an Angel could provide.
Your smile is like a thousand rays of sunshine on a dark and dreary day.
You teach us to have fun in a puddle of rain.
You show us that growing up means more fun in more places.
You show us that a listening ear is better then any advice.
Your heart is bigger then life itself and makes our home the best.
Your soul is truly special and an inspiration to all you met.

You truly are an inspiration to us. Happy Birthday from me and the kids to you.
I take great delight in knowing that our girls will grow up to be like their mom and that they will be okay.

I usually post lot of pictures on a day like this. All the best ones of Cari from when she was a kid were posted last year if you want some fun pics. :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lainey's first day of school

Lainey started her first day of Kindergarten today!!! Excited does not even cover it (for both her and her mother).
Cari tried to talk her into riding with Dad to the school for her first day, but she would have none of that! On the bus to AND from school was her wish!

The first thing she said after getting off the bus "Dad, the bus has NO SEAT BELTS." Lets just hope that does not cause any problems for riding in the car.

She was so excited to go in. Have fun sweetie!!
Oh ya, and Lance managed not to cry either. Not bad for the fact he was the one freaking out the most about this new stage in life...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Our World in a Minute

Lance informed me of the need to update the blog, and gave me a list of events that I could blog about. BLAH BLAH BLAH. We have been having fun and being busy here are some picture updates.
Mom Went to GIRLS CAMP!!!

Lance went to CUB CAMP
The girls go hair cuts once again we chopped about 4 inches off Lainey's hair, and we went to the temple open house.

We went to This is the Place Heritage Park the weekend of the 24th
Lance won a pie eating contest

Lance won a watermelon eating contest.
We have a busy next couple of weeks so stay tuned for other exciting new in the Jessup world

Friday, July 10, 2009

When Mom is away the family will play!!!

Everyone keeps asking if we are doing okay, since Cari has been gone for 4 days now. Well we are doing great!!!

We played out in the pool earlier in the week. Gordon even got in and was having fun with the girls.
While the kids were napping the other day I even got to go and help put out a field fire behind some of the homes in our neighborhood. Don't play with fireworks. :-)

The highlight has to be dressing up like cows and going to Chick-fil-A for FREE FOOD. Thanks again Jane for posting about it on your blog.

I did dress up as well. Cari has our good camera and our old one died before Lainey could take a picture of me. At least the guy at Chick-fil-A took a picture of me, maybe it will be up on their community board. :-) All the ladies in the neighborhood that were there can be my witnesses. :-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lilly's picnic

Lilly decided to do a family picnic the other day. She is just like her mommy, a true hostess.

The best part was that Gordon came over and sat right down and played right along. He waited his turn for a plate and didn't cause a single problem. It was priceless.

Gordon loved to eat the food that Lilly prepared for us. He even tried to use his forks.

Late Birthday Presents

The girls finally spent their birthday money that they got from Grandpa Zulliger . So thank you Grandpa!!

Lainey's bike was much to small for her and with the help of some free gift cards from Target (with every new prescription) she was able to buy it herself.

Lilly of course now gets Lainey's old bike. She bought a basket for her bike (she didn't spend all her money yet) to make it her own.

With all the bike riding Gordon had to get in on the fun. You can't keep this one still for long. :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day, Copperton Park, and Carrots

On Sunday we went to Jessup's for father's day and had a wonderful dinner and a fun time with family. We forgot the camera so there weren't any pictures. But I would have killed for it. Gordon kept reaching for Lance's cousin Damon, and giving him loves it was so cute!!!
We went to Copperton Park yesterday with Cari's family to celebrate fathers day. We ate dinner played and had s'mores. We love our fire pit.

This morning I went out and picked some Carrots, Lettuce and peas from our garden. We also have strawberries, tomatoes, pumpkins and watermelon going. Here are the carrots.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lainey & Lilly's dance recital

Last Wednesday Lainey & Lilly had their dance recital. They were so excited and did so well.

Sorry our camera is woefully inadequate for indoor events with the lights out. I did steal some pictures from the Rudys who have a much better camera. :-)
Lainey's dance was "Marbles
Lilly's dance was "Chutes & Ladders"

Lainey & Peyton striking poses (trying to find their parents in the crowd).

Here is Lainey & Lilly with their friend Peyton after everything was over. If our girls look like they have been crying it is because they were. Lainey got lost on the way out and was afraid she wouldn't be able to find us. When we went over to get here the same thing happened to Lilly - good times.

P.S. I just need to say thanks to my friend Kumaravel in India who kept reminding us to post pictures of our girl's dance recital. We appreciate your friendship and interest in our family's life.