Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Gordon

There has been a request for less talking and more pictures. So here are some of our handsome baby boy. He is sleeping and eating well. We are so very excited to have him be part of our family.

Lainey thinks that she is the mom,

and while Lilly loves him to she likes that she can get into things while mommy is nursing.

Daddy is getting used to not being the only boy and really likes saying "My Son".

Mommy is still just trying to recover and figure out what to do with Lainey and Lilly until she is confident enough to go out with 3 kids!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have a name

We are pleased to announce the name of our son as:
Gordon Hans Jessup

He is named after his Grandpa Gordon Jessup and Great-grand father Hans Zulliger. We should also mention that Lance's first name is also Gordon, but his namesakes are his Grandfathers. We will be calling him Gordon.

Here is a little history on the meanings of these names that we looked up after we selected them.


Meaning: Its source is a Gaelic expression meaning "Large fortification."

Languages: This boy's name is used in English.

Popularity: The name Gordon ranked 700th in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of 2000-2003 Social Security Administration statistics and 172nd in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.

This name is highly rated in the 1990 U.S. Census popularity survey of all ages, but after 1960 does not appear in the state data listing the most popular baby names.

Narrative: Possible alternate sources include the Latin nickname Gordus (fat), the Irish Gaelic surname Mhuirneachain (beloved), and a Russian Jewish designation for a person from the town of Grodno.


Languages: This boy's name is used in German, Dutch, Hindi, Norwegian and Danish.

Popularity: The name Hans ranked 557th in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.

Narrative: In Dutch and German, it is a nickname of Johannes. In Hindi, it comes from a Sanskrit expression meaning ''Swan.''

Meaning (Johannes): Its source is Yochanan, a Hebrew name meaning "God's grace."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Please welcome the newest addition to our family

Today we welcomed a new baby to our family. "Peanut Strawberry Jessup" was born at 1:30 pm today weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20.5 inches long

The baby has been doing very well and seems to be a very good natured little one. We have only heard a little bit of crying all day. This picture is only minutes after the birth. Look at how calm the little one is.
Cari and the baby are both doing very well. The hardest part of the day was drawing some blood from Cari. After that it was all down hill from there. We watched August Rush and by then it was time to push. After about 4 contractions we had a new baby.
Lainey is very excited about the new baby. She is also very excited to point out we are now a family of 5. Lilly is still a little unsure about this, but she seems to like the baby.

The girls were actually able to be present during the baby's first bath. They did it in the room so Cari was able to watch it this time. Lainey liked holding the baby's hand during the bath. I was doing the bath so I don't have any pictures of that.

Gotta kiss the baby...

Lilly of course needed some time with mom. :-)

We had a lot of friends and family come and visit and call us on the phone. It is so great to have so much support. Thanks everyone, we really enjoyed your company and love today.

Grandpa Renn (Cari's dad)

Grandma Cindy (Cari's mom)

Grandpa Jessup (Lance's dad)

Grandma Jessup (Lance's mom)

Aunt Jana (Cari's sister-in-law), who took the girls last night and today. Thanks Jana!

Cousin Keatley
Cousin Cael

Aunt Ashley (Lance's sister) and her daughter Kaylee

Our friends, the Kingsleys and Combs visited us, Caroline and Melissa are pictured. Sorry Mike and Dan no pictures of you. You know how it is; we aren't really important when it comes to this kind of thing. :-) Thanks for coming guys.
Sorry Caroline, not the best picture, but it is with the baby and that is what counts!

Oh I guess I should also say that the baby is a boy for all those who were wondering. :-) We thought we had a name picked out when the baby came, but we have had some impressions that it may need to be different. We are still trying to figure everything out. Hopefully, we can nail it down soon. :-)

Here we go...

We are leaving to the hospital right now! :-) Stay tuned....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Update on the baby, baby's room, and allergies

First thing is first, no update. Cari is still very much pregnant and still scheduled for induction on Monday. My brother's birthday is today and he really wants the baby to born today (8/8/08). We are going over there for dinner and he is ordering the Cafe Trio Labor pizza in hopes it will help things along. :-)

Cari wanted me to post some pictures of the baby's room. We painted it and did a strip around the room that will match the crib set. We have done as much as we can at this point until the baby comes. Once the baby comes we can break out the baby stuff Cari has bought (crib & cradle set, vinyl saying for the wall, etc).
As you can see no crib set yet (would give away what the baby is). Also a vinyl saying will go on the wall in the window frame.

There is actually a poem in the picture frame on the wall that would give away what the baby is (don't worry I haven't read it). Good luck trying to read it :-) The other picture frame will have a picture of the baby in it.

Lastly, I just wanted to let everyone know about my great visit to the Allergist today. For those that don't know my eyes have been itching and burning for about a month. I have also been very congested, sneezing, and have had a runny nose during the entire time as well. I have never had any problems with allergies in the past. Cari sent me to the Allergist to find out what is going on. Anyway, they did the scratch test on my back and apparently I showed reactions to everything: trees, grass, weeds, mold, animals (he specifically mentioned cats, dogs, cows), and dust. I blame all of this on the baby, I have been having all sorts of sympathy problems this pregnancy: cravings, onset allergies, etc. I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over. :-) I am now on a strict regimen of 4 different medications and have to go back in a month. Cari thinks this is absolutely hilarious. Most unfortunate!!!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Update

It is Wednesday and still no baby. I go to the doctor today (I will see his nurse, he is still out of town). I hope that there has been some progress. But my toes look great(Thanks Jana) and I'm ready to go.

I can't believe I'm posting these but here goes. Lance and I realized we hadn't really taken any pictures of belly shots, so try not to be to grossed out!!
The day before Lainey was born

Right before Lilly was born

Baby Number 3
I have carried this baby so much further out than the other 2. What does that mean??

Friday, August 1, 2008


For those of you wondering today is my original due date, with no baby. After the doctor promised to induce a week early, then informed me my due date was 12 days later than I was told, is leaving town today and will not be back until the 11th. So that is when I am scheduled. I really hope that I will have this baby before then, but I have to trust in the Lord and my body to know what to do and when to do it. In the mean time I'm headed to my sister in laws to have my toenails done so that I can be pretty when the day finally comes. Wish me luck, and any suggestions for putting myself into labor are welcome.