Tuesday, March 31, 2009

101 Posts

So I know it usually customary to do a give away for your 100th post, but I have always liked to do things my own way. In these times of economic woe, who could use a pamper me package. So here is one that I have put together for your enjoyment. Included in this package is:
2 decks of playing cards (cheap entertainment)
2 bags of popcorn for a snack for above entertainment
1 batch of my Better than Bisquick Buttermilk Pancakes ( the recipe has been in my family for 4 generations)
1 bottle of my home made maple syrup (no fake stuff)
1 Bottle of my home made raspberry jam
1 Bottle of Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bubble Bath
1 Bottle of Avon's Great Eye makeup remover
4 bottles of Avon's kids bath paints (fun for you or the kids)
1 coupon for a Family Home Evening Treat

Here it is, my pamper package. To win this package I would like to hear, a memory of our family the winner will be picked next Tuesday, so all you silent blog stalkers lets hear from you!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilly

3 Years old today!!!

Our little red head is determined to grow up, go to school, do some dancing and get married.
Lilly has always wanted to do things her way. She started out by coming late, much to Mom's dismay. Mom even tried to force her our on her due date, by shoveling snow.

Of course if she didn't come late we wouldn't have this picture. Lilly was born 8 days before her cousin.

Mommy was induced to bring Lilly here, because she didn't want to come out. We knew from the moment Lilly's head started to poke out she had red hair.

Everything has to go into Lilly's mouth.

Lilly always has a fun time. Don't stop her from trying to do what she wants to do.

She has also perfected the "Jessup scowl."

Lilly is one brave "cupcake." For her birthday she got her ears pierced. She has been begging to do it since her sister got hers pieced (last month for her birthday). A 2-year old girl went before us. Lets just say it didn't go well. The girl ended up ripping the gun out of the ladies hand while piercing the first ear. After that the girl was a wreck the rest of the time. Lilly just stood there asking "is it my turn now." She was not going to be stopped. As soon as the girl got out of the chair Lilly was in it and waited patiently for 5-10 minutes until the lady helped some other customers. She just kept grinning (see below). When it was her turn she did cry, but even through the tears she sat still and kept moving her head so we could check the ears and do the next one.

Lilly has had a good run for the "terrible twos" (just see our previous posts). Lets just hope she is like her dad and mellows out at 3.......

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Call, and Grandma Leona

To my very loving and dearly departed Grandparents
You all wanted redheaded children of your own but alas as the redheaded gene is ressesive you were not blessed to have such a child. As you have all moved on to the other side and are viewing your posterity from heaven, you have decided that there needs to be a few more redheads in the family. This blessing has skipped a few generations with the exception of one, till now.
I have been one the grandchildren blessed with one of the redheads you are dishing out. Her name is Lilly after her Grandma Call who was also a redhead.

Her daddy calls her fireball,
her Momma calls her fiesty,
and so her temper flares at will
our little red head imp master.

Yet to trade her would her
would be our hearts disaster.

And to you my Grandparents I say "Thank you, may I have another"

Love you, and Miss you
PS, these are some of the things you missed out on;
shampoo in the toilet, (yes it makes bubbles when you flush)
stickers on the new TV
gift cards in the disk drive
giving baby brother blue icee
etc, and that is in just 2 days

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a Guest Blogger

I got to be a guest blogger. My good friend Shannon, has had a interesting and rough year. Her husband lost his job last June/July. It took him a long time for him to find a job, and when he did they do not offer benefits, which is scary for a family of 5. After halloween, their 4 year old daughter started having a lot of accidents and wetting the bed. Her mom noticed she was drinking tons of water and other liquids. She took her in and ended up at Primary Children's Hospital, for a 4 day diabetic boot camp. Needless to say 4 days at PCH with no insurance is an expensive exploit. This family has been through a lot and through her blog she is trying to earn a little extra income. So take a few minutes and check out her blog as well as my post.