Friday, May 30, 2008

I Think This Bed is Cursed!!

As you saw from the last post Lainey had a fight with her bed and lost. Well last night Lilly thought she would have a go at it. Lainey slept over at her cousins house so Lilly wanted to sleep in Lainey's bed. Lilly has been having a hard time at night, so I thought if that helps why not. She had been asleep maybe 15-20 minutes when she started crying, then there was a thud followed by screaming. Lance ran back to see what was going on. He found her under the little table next to Lainey's bed scrambling to get out. She was very upset, and asked for me. The minute Lance handed her over she quit crying and went back to sleep. I laid her down and left the room. I didn't hear a peep out of her the rest of the night. This morning when she got up she came and climbed in bed with me for a "nuggle". We laid there for about 20 minutes when I finally opened my eyes, and there was a black eye! I couldn't believe it!! So either my kids are accident prone or the bed is cursed!

The pictures don't really show it but after both Lance and I trying this was the best we could get.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today I was sitting at the computer looking at all of your blogs, when I heard Lainey started crying really hard. I ran back to see what was the matter, she was holding her breath. She doesn't really do that anymore, Thankfully! When she was finally able to talk she said she had hit her lip on her bed. She was sitting in the middle of her bed, so I have no idea how she hit her lip. I comforted her as much as I could. Her lip got swollen, and I checked out her teeth and they seemed fine. She got an instant bruise, but there was no blood so I thought all was well. Tonight while Lance was flossing her teeth. She said Dad your hurting my "ouchie". He lifted up her lip to look, and it was all ripped up. Here are some pictures poor girl!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Seattle Trip Day 2

This morning we started out with a trip to Pikes Market. If you haven't been there it is a big open air market similar to a farmers market. Plan on spending a few hours, there so much to see.

The best things to get there are:
Donuts from the Daily Donut shop. They are little but hot and very good.
Flowers, you can get huge beautiful bouquets for very cheap.
Crab, you can buy crab and have it packed right to send on the airplane. Fresh seafood is so much better than what we get in Utah.
Crafts, artisans set up their stuff and sell it.

For those that don't know, Cari's maiden name is Crump. Need I say more...

After visiting one shop twice for Grandma Cindy, we went to The French Crepe for lunch. It was good. I think I like Taste of Europe a little better though.

We then went to the Space Needle. We went to the top and saw the gorgeous views of the city. I mostly sat because I was just so darn tired.

Cari decided to call her mom since Lance was a bit boring during the day :-) Jezz, can't we get a vacation from the mother-in-law??? :-) Cari had to tell her about the kaleidescope we went back for, see picture above.

We then went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, I had a Navajo sandwich and Lance had a California chicken and avacado sandwich. I was so full by dessert I didn't have any. Lance tried their Apple Carmel Cheesecake, he said it was "MMMMMMMM, Deliciouso!"

We then went to a show called "Late Night Catechism". It was really funny. There was one actress (a Nun) and she really involves the audience in her show. I got to be the monitor during the intermission. She was very funny and teased but was very respectful of all religions. I even got a Jesus Pencil. The setting of the play was in a classroom, as monitor the people around me said I should write on the board the answers she had asked us to discuss while she was gone. I got up onto the stage and started writing when a woman from the theater very meanly came up and told me that "Mam, I can't allow you to do that", or something to that affect. All the people who noticed said I should do it again, but I was afraid I would have been kicked out of the show.
The lady was a little scary.

All in all we have had a very fun busy trip. I have had a lot of fun memories come back from previous trips. Lots of fun memories of my siblings; Rachel, Cameron and Tyler. So Lance has gotten to hear about all of them whether he wanted to or not!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seattle - Day 1

Today is our 6th anniversary. Thanks to my (Lance's) mom and grandma we were able to get away on a little anniversary trip to Seattle. Cari has been wanting to bring me here for years. Her sister used to live here and Cari has been here twice before. Of course, that was 7 and 9 years ago.

We started the morning by doing Sealings in the Seattle temple. Something we like to do on our Anniversary - good way to remind ourselves of the covenants we have made. The temple grounds were absolutely spectacular. We wish Lainey and Lilly could have been here with us - we couldn't stop talking about much they would have loved it.

These are just some of the flowers on the grounds. Cari kept saying it is like we are in the Garden of Eden!

The picture doesn't do the tree justice, but I thought it was awesome. Narly short little thing. Cari made me get my picture taken with it, silly girl. :-)

I need to mention that I forgot my dress shoes (didn't realize until at the airport) so most of the morning I was walking around with my nice slacks, shirt, and tie along with my hiking boots. Needless to say, I was breathtaking. We stopped at a Payless on the way to the temple to remedy that situation. :-)

Next we headed off to the Underground tour. This is a place that has had me drooling for nine years based on Cari's descriptions (yes we have known each other for that long, almost 10.5 years). Anyway, awesome, I hope the pictures do it justice. I could write tons about this, but you may just want to google it or ask us about it.

This is actually a picture of a skylight into the underground from the sidewalk. The one after is the same skylight from below.

Seattle used to have a lot steeper hills, a 49% grade actually. When they backfilled the city raising the streets up they essentially washed the hill down to fill everything in. Count up to the fifth floor of this building. That is how high the hill used to be. They moved that much dirt to backfill the roads and raise everything up.
At one point the underground was essential a dump for business owners. Tons of old antique stuff down here.

One story worth noting. The tour guide has been taught Popcorn popping on the Apricot tree by his LDS sister-in-law. When he heard we were from Utah he asked if we knew the song. Of course, we said yes. He asked if we would sing it for everyone. I said, "sure, if you lead it." To my dismay he did. We let him sing it until he got stuck and then helped him sing the rest. At the end of the tour he asked if we should sing it for everyone again, Cari said "lets not torture them again" and another lady responded "thanks!" The lady was pretty serious, I think she may hate all Utahans now, because no one else in the group knew the song and the guide said it is kind of a Utah folk song. I don't think she will ever be a fan of popcorn popping on the apricot tree. :-(

Another place we went is this shop/museum called the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Basically, a whole bunch of crazy random things. Two headed calfs, four legged chickens, couple mummies, crazy mermaid things, and lots of souvenirs.

We ended up buying a book that has a ton more pictures and information about all the crazy things this shop had. Was a lot of fun.

We came across these key chains that talk about traits of people based on our birthdates. I instantly knew we had to have them. Basically, I am "inventive and [a] great-problem solver' (I actually thought it said insensitive and was hooked) and Cari is "free spirited and dramatic." There is more in them that fits, maybe you can read them in the picture.

Dinner was at the Crab Pot on the water front. It was fun. I'm not big into Seafood, but having it fresh makes a huge difference. Of course, I wussed out and couldn't bring my self to down a mussel. By the end it was cold and I was scared I would puke everywhere. I actually tried eating it, but when it squished in my mouth I spit it out before anything else came up.... wuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cari said we should have taken a picture of it - sorry.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

THE ZOO!!!!!

On Wednesday night my sister called and asked if we wanted to go camping in Moab this weekend. Lance and I decided that it was to far to drive for a day and a half camping trip. Rachel wasn't exactly pleased that we said no. When they tried to reserve the last campsite within 80 miles of Moab and it was taken, they decided we should all go to the zoo instead. So off we went. Lainey and Lilly are always up for a trip to the zoo, and this one would be extra fun with their cousins with them. We met up with Keatley, Cael and Alaida.

The kids were excited to see the animals even though the zoo was very crowded. The best part was the elephant show. We got to see how they check and keep up the health of the elephants. That was really cool.
This was her doing her tricks. This elephant is 7 months pregnant, and will be for another 15 months. Glad I don't have to be pregnant that long.

All in all we had a great day and even got to visit Aunt Ashley and she got the girls an ice cream cone.
So hard to get them to both look at the camera at the same time.