Friday, February 29, 2008

What is It??

On Tuesday night Lance got up with Lilly during the night and she had a really bad fever. The next morning both girls woke up with one. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! We did the ibuprophen thing all day and the girls still had fevers. I called the doctors office and they scheduled us for, first thing Thursday morning. Of course by then the girls were bouncing off the walls and happy and content as could be. The Doc checked their lungs and ears and said they both looked great. He said it could be the flu could be RSV. Then told me there was nothing I could do. I thought no big deal they are both feeling better. By 1:00 Lainey's fever was back and all she could do was lay on the couch and moan. Lilly was still bouncing off the walls. They went to bed and Lainey still had a fever (even with the tylenol and motrin)! She can't seem to lick this bug. WHAT IS IT??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brinner - the best meal around

The girls want to see some more pictures of them on this "thing". So to placate there desire and in an effort to "keep the peace" (since right now they bond only sisters can share - love-hate - is boiling over) lets give them something they will enjoy (and hopefully you will too).

Sunday night we made Lance's favorite dinner "brinner" -> Breakfast for Dinner. The girls just love to help. Its a good thing daddy was making brinner because then they get to help. They just drive mommy crazy. After all the sign on the wall says "Cari's cafe" and you don't mess with the momma!

As you can guess from this post Lance (me) made it home safely. I ended up giving up my seat on the plane in Frankfurt and flying on another airline because the flight was so overbooked from Frankfurt to Denver. It worked out I got quite a large voucher from the airline. We are planning to use the voucher to take a small trip to Seattle for our anniversary in May. Something we never do, but we really hope it works out.

Lainey's Tea Party

On Friday while Lance was gone we decided to have a little Tea Party for Lainey's friends. I made each of the little girls a tea hat, as a party favor for them to take home. I as always took a little affair and made it bigger than I ever planned. I made a whole bunch of food including 72 mini cupcakes. The girls had so much fun and liked their hats. ( I think that the mom's liked them even more) Lainey loved all the birthday presents she got from her friends. After it was over I was very very tired.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Time for Lance to come home

As Cari said, I have been in Germany this week. We went to the AMD fab in Dresden, Germany. I actually came here to help them in November of 2006 too. Luckily, this time I got some time to run around and be a tourist during the day today. Of course, then my camera battery died right when I found a beautiful courtyard. I even managed to not get lost (I can say that because once I was "lost" I found my way without any help) driving around Dresden and Freiburg.

It is kind of sad. I took German in middle school and don't really remember anything. I do remember some basics, but every time some one starts talking to me I have a small panic attack. All I can think is to say "Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut" -> "My German is not good." Even that I hesitate to say. I know a lot of the greetings, yet I act like a timid little kid. I feel like this statue I found.

I fly home early tomorrow morning. Lets all hope I don't have to go straight from the airport to the hospital like I had to when I came home from India. For those who don't know, I went to India in October to visit our Chennai office. I called Cari from the Denver airport right before I boarded and she was getting ready to leave my parents house
(girls were bored so they wanted to visit Grandma and Grandpa). When I got off the plane in Salt Lake I had a message to call my dad. Cari and my mom took Lainey to the emergency room because she fell down my parent's stairs (if you ask my mom she says it is her fault and she pushed Lainey). I got to Cottonwood hospital just in time to pick up Cari and take her and Lainey to Primary Children's. Lainey broke her elbow and needed a pin in her arm. We ended up spending the night in the hospital. Anyway, Cari is a bit nervous to go anywhere tomorrow night while I am flying home. I am going through Frankfurt and Denver again so we don't want to push our chances.... I'm sure you all can relate with superstitions like this.

Sorry, I'm verbose - it's what I do - an interesting tid bit about Dresden. It was actually almost completely destroyed during WWII. The English bombed Dresden to smithereens. Buildings that survived are black with soot from all the resulting fires. A large majority have been sand blasted, but they haven't done all the buildings and for some buildings sand blasting would ruin the building so they haven't. In some other cases the rebuilt the building using some of the black rubble from the original. This Protestant Cathedral was rebuilt. As I understand it the large black portion remained standing (it was the only part left). The rest of the black spots you see are stained black blocks from the original building. My camera died so I didn't get a better shot. Check out some pictures of the inside of this building (it is huge - and very tiring to hike to the top of): Give the site a second it will load some music and it will show some different pictures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lainey's Birthday

Lance was leaving for Germany on the morning of the 17th, so we had a little family party for her before her dad left. We had Lance's family over for cake and ice cream. (we are doing a party for her friends on Friday, Yes I am crazy). Lainey insisted that she needed a bell cake for her birthday so, I in my infinate wisdom, decided to do another doll cake for her. I was a lot of work but I like
how it turned out. I think Lainey will want a cake like this until we have done all the princesses, so far we have Belle and Cinderella down. We didn't even cut into the cake so now will have it for her other party

Saturday, February 16, 2008

1-2 Inches of Snow??

The weather man reported that we were suppose to get 1-2 inches of snow in the valleys and a little more in the benches, on the day before Valentines. Living way far out on the "West Benches", we expected to get a little more, but nothing like what we got!! The girls were way excited, and begged all day to go play in the snow. Dad finally gave in and let them go out. Lance worked from home that day, so it felt like an early weekend.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Car

Saturday Feb. 9th after about 3-4 weeks of having one running car, we bought another one. We bought a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. Lance had the first appointment to see the car after the dealership got it. While Lance was trying to decide whether or not to buy the car, a few other people had lined up behind him ready to buy it if he didn't. One of the ladies that worked in the office drives the same car. And ended up selling the her car to someone who wanted the one we bought. We have had to do a little work on it but we have we are so excited to have two running cars. I will feel a little sad to get rid of the 4Runner though. I bought that before Lance and I got married.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Here we Go!!
The Jessups are starting a blog. We probably won't be great about updating it, but we really want to try. Lance is going to have to figure out how to load the pictures. Hopefully this will be a way to keep all of you updated on what is going on with our family. As I am typing the girls are flipping through their scrapbooks over and over again. They yell as they see the pictures "That's Me!" They get really upset when we have to put them away. They are growing up faster than I can scrapbook, but I figure if I can get one page per month done for each of them, they will have a full book when they get older!