Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Father & Son's camp

We just had our first Father & Son's camp out last night. The little guy did great. I think he was the youngest one there.

I'm excited for many more. I was bummed I have not done anything like this with the girls yet. At least we are going camping with the family next week so they can enjoy camping again too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Cari!!!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful women, friend and mother.

You are not just a lady that buys our clothes and mends our clothes.
You are not just a full time cook who makes sure your family is fed.
You are more then a police officer and judge for fights each and every day.
You are not just an amateur nurse who tends to all our wounds and needs.
You are not just a taxi driver for everywhere we need to be.

You are much more then that...

You teach us how to love and guide us to be better.
You show us how to delight in chubby little baby legs.
You show us how a simple treat can brighten someone's day.
Your hugs fill our souls with the warmth only an Angel could provide.
Your smile is like a thousand rays of sunshine on a dark and dreary day.
You teach us to have fun in a puddle of rain.
You show us that growing up means more fun in more places.
You show us that a listening ear is better then any advice.
Your heart is bigger then life itself and makes our home the best.
Your soul is truly special and an inspiration to all you met.

You truly are an inspiration to us. Happy Birthday from me and the kids to you.
I take great delight in knowing that our girls will grow up to be like their mom and that they will be okay.

I usually post lot of pictures on a day like this. All the best ones of Cari from when she was a kid were posted last year if you want some fun pics. :-)