Friday, May 7, 2010


So many moons ago I was a little Cub Scout. Each year we would work in a booth at Scout-O-Rama for a little bit and then check out all the other booths with my family. To say I had a good time, or even a blast, would be an understatement.

When I was called as a Cubmaster two years ago I was reading and read about Scout-O-Rama. How could have forgotten this great momentous event that happens every year I thought. Well, I haven't missed one since. I even did a booth myself last year.

Now my children are hooked, they have been asking ever since last year's Scout-O-Rama when it would happen again. Last Saturday it came.

I didn't do a booth this year, because I was trying to get the boys in my pack to come and check this place out. I had planned on bringing them myself. Turned out those that could go actually went with their families, which is the best way to do this thing.

The Highway Patrol always comes and helps the kids learn the importance of seat belts. Lainey and Lilly were very excited to try it.

We were there for nearly the whole day. Cari actually sent a text near the end asking if we had all run away with the scouts.

The pictures just don't do it justice.

The girls loved the Haka dance performed by a Polynesian troop and a fire dance performed by a scout. The magician (also named Lance) was a big hit too. Lainey wanted to stop at every booth.