Friday, April 24, 2009

Who says the boys get all the fun...

So I (Lance) have spent the last two weekends at Woodbadge. It is a training for Scout Leaders, but basically it is a place where an adult can be a kid. All I got to say is awesome!

The course I attended was located at Camp Tracy in Millcreek canyon. We ended up with a winter weekend, but it was still great.

The training runs just like a scout unit. I was put into the Bobwhite Patrol. We may seem weak, but as the Beavers found out we put up a good fight!

Here is some shots of all the participants and some shots of our patrol along with Susan our Troop Guide.
We learn many of the skills that one would learn at a management class that large companies spend lots of money on. The beauty of this training is that it is geared towards working with youth. The other best part is that we got to do some awesome activities that you could easily take home to scouts that are a ton of fun and teach valuable lessons.

The staff on course put on a campfire program and an interfaith service for us the first weekend. On the second weekend the attendants got to put together and do a campfire program and interfaith service. Thanks to my friend Kumaravel for the great story I was able to share. Just another example of how we get to experience hands on with something we can take back to our units.
One of the best parts of the campfire program we put on is that we got to do a flag retirement ceremony.
The retirement ceremony was very moving. Not only that, but the staff let us in on a little tradition with some camp fires that they did with the retirement fire. They had ashes that have been carried from fire to fire since 1930 and added it to the fire. The ashes have been all over the world. The next morning we all got to take a little bit of ash and a paper listing all the events where the ashes have traveled - couple columns front and back of the paper - amazing!

I mentioned the Beaver patrol, our rivals. The last morning we woke up and found that the beavers had gotten hungry. They ate our flag pole and table. Not to worry, I was a good substitute for the flag pole during our opening ceremony. :-)

I just can't express how much fun and worth while this training was. I've been singing camp songs for a week. I know everyone says I am a Scout Geek, that is fine with me. Words can't even express the love that burns for helping boys become the leaders of tomorrow. It is amazing how the Lord can put you into a position that you have stewardship over complete strangers and your heart just opens up to them. If it means wearing a uniform that isn't the most popular and singing crazy songs - so be it - I get to have just as much fun as them.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Seeing Green

So it is really amazing the blessings that come from doing what you are asked. We are asked to prepare for rainy days. The fact that I was emergency preparedness specialist in my ward for 2 years I think helped, but Lance and I have started to do a few of those things, such as food storage. When we first put in our yard we left a space for our garden. Every year I mean to get out there and plant one. This is the first year that I have done it. Who knew that I could be so excited about some dirt and little plants, but I totally am!! I go out an check on them every day and when I know it will be cold I make them each their own little green house. I just feel truly blessed that something is actually growing!!! When we do the best that we can Heavenly Father gives us the blessings he has promised! Here are my little sproutlings!! I'm so pleased!



Lettuce, and inside I have tomatoes and strawberries going. And when it is warmer, watermelons and pumpkins!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day Late and a Dollar short.

So I said we would post the winner yesterday, but I am always late so this should be no different!!
We had the the girls pick a number and they said "7" so that makes Jen the Winner!!
Yeah Jen, I will get myself together and deliver it to you in a day or two or three (Lance will be out of town this weekend)